Four years ago, LA Indulgence was created by 2 seasoned professionals with a passion for fashion, a great eye for the newest trends and the experience to make it all happen.

With 40 years of combined experience in the fashion, gift and accessory industries, they wanted to bring indulgence into every woman’s home. So their first task was to get rid of the shower caps that your mother wore, and bring you into the 21st century with fashionable shower caps for your shower and bath, so you can bathe and shower in style.

Today, Gail Arico, owner, continues to bring you the hottest trends, trimmed with the signature satin rose. They are also full sized to fit any hair style or hair length.




"Finally! A cap I can wear at the spa and gym and not be embarrassed about! No more wrapping towels around my head and messing up my hair. Pure beauty and brilliance. Luxury at its finest!"
Cynthia, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I LOVE your shower caps. They are extremely functional as the fabic is very durable and not one hair gets wet in the shower."
Elayne, NYC